Honoring the Andean New Year!

Another super accelerated, Fast Track week at The Heart of AN! ♥ We had breakthroughs with doors, floors, showers, stairs, painting and electricity. We also found time to celebrate the Andean New Year on August 1st by offering Pachamama wine and yellow pika pika confetti. ♥

It’s exciting to have so much visible progress. We hope to be able to move in within a month!! ♥ But we are also a bit stressed since we are using the very last of our personal money to finish the house, and may not have enough to do it all. Very soon, we will start building the small guardian casita which is essential here in Peru, but so far, we only have enough donations to build the outer shell, and don’t yet know how we will raise the money to finish the inside, so that someone can actually live there. ♥

So it’s both tremendously exciting to see so much coming into physical form, and it’s a bit scary to try to get everything done with our available resources. ♥

It will probably take us a month or so after we move in to get everything unpacked and organized. Then, I want to finally finish my amazing card deck (with its 300 page book) and get it published, as well as start planning our first Heart of AN events.


Placing the glass pellets and mirrors into the first door we’ve created!


Here’s our first photo of the finished door!


All our showers have been tiled and they look quite gorgeous!

Here’s our guest bathroom before it was grouted.


The very beautiful nicho in our guest shower.

I’m so glad that I spent years collecting tiles, lamps, cupboard knobs, glass pellets

and other somewhat unusual building supplies during my travels.

Now, we finally have the right place to use them!


Glass pellets around the column in the Art Studio.


August 1st was the Andean New Year, El Dia de Pachamama.

Justo, Emanáku and I made a ceremony for her and poured wine

and scattered yellow pika pika confetti outside the front gate

and all around the outside of the house while saying a prayer in Quechua and AN language.


Justo pours the wine and Emanáku and I take turns tossing the confetti.

This blesses and protects the Heart of AN for the new year.

This was the first time that I’ve gone into a store

and asked the shopkeeper what kind of wine was Pachamama’s favorite!

(But they knew right away.)


We also honored some of the large rock beings on the land with wine and Pika Pika.


It was also a busy week for finishing the installation of all the pastilero tiles in our house.

I added some round, turquoise, iridescent glass tiles in our bathroom floor.


We are very happy with the result, which will look even prettier once the floors are cleaned.

And since it was Andean New Year, we were covered with confetti!


We also put green glass tiles in the thresholds between our offices and the tiny balcony.


This is another brilliant Peruvian invention.

By putting a small radio inside a tin can, you can create an instant speaker!

And it works, too.


Painting of the house is in progress, beginning at the top and working down.

First a base paint, then two coats of white.


The missing cement stair platform was added to the entrance of the AN tower.


Here’s our very amiable and enthusiastic electrician,

the magnificent Alfredo, who is putting wiring into all the sockets.


This doesn’t look too comfortable, but the underside of the AN roof needs to be painted.


Our instant stair factory has returned.

This time they are making the stair railings out of natural eucalyptus palos.


Here’s the first part of the downstairs stair railing being put into position.


It’s time for us to design another door.

This one will go outside from the kitchen / dining room.


Here’s the almost finished door.

It looks a bit strange right now,

but hopefully it will be beautiful once we add the glass pellets and mirrors.

We should be able to pick it up from the carpenter tomorrow

and add the glass pellets and mirrors.


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1 thought on “Honoring the Andean New Year!”

  1. Brenda Griechen says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing this journey in words and pictures Solara. It is every bit as awesome as every Gate we journeyed through, which you made Visible!

    As I travel through the pictures and commentary, in all of your public sharing’s, I am amazed and so grateful that you did what you said you would do…pave the way home to the stars.

    In One Heart Love


    …and I love the One Heart symbol on the gate, it looks like the centre of the spiral, where in flips to out, and it reminds me of the centre ‘flip’ in the Lovers from beyond the stars dance.

    There will be many more new dances for us to dance as we anchor the very stars themselves into the Lotus World the One Being has created. Eternal gratitude for your strength, stamina and unfathomable Love!

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