AN•TAWA CEREMONIES 2 • Day 3 – Moray

On our third day together, we went to the magnificent Inca site of Moray. It was built in four craters where a meteorite hit the ground a long time ago. Inside these craters are a series of seven stepped down, concentric circles built of stone.

We went directly to the hidden fourth circle which is the only one that you can currently enter. We were just about to begin doing the Silent Watchers when we heard the sounds of a whistle piercing Moray’s deep stillness. Two of our group went up to see what was happening. They had a heated discussion with a guardian who said that we weren’t allowed there. We told him that we needed half an hour to make our ceremonies and could not leave before then.

We finished doing the Silent Watchers and I suddenly has a strong feeling that we had to stay seated on the ground. I felt that if we got up and did the Reactivation of the Original, True Planetary Matrix as we had planned, we would be made to leave. But if we stayed seated on the ground, we would be able to do our ceremony. This made no logical sense, but the feeling was strong, so I was determined that we would stay seated.

Now the question was what to do while we were seated? Then suddenly and unexpectedly, the HU•TAWA•HU came in. We all started chanting HU•TAWA•HU and it instantly took us into a very deep, very true and real state. Movements to accompany this chant arrived almost immediately and it felt even better! We all loved the HU•TAWA•HU and felt like we could chant it forever. Or maybe we have been chanting it forever. The HU•TAWA•HU created a deeper merging between the Timeless True Worlds and the physical planet Earth ~ both inside our beings and on a vaster scale between the Timeless True Worlds and the physical planet. And the point of transference was within our hearts.

This was an absolute surprise and a great gift that we were given from our beloved Moray.

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