Beyond Busy at the Heart of AN!

We are making lots of progress in our preparations for our May Special Events, but there is still so much to do.

Our new metal fence has now been painted green. No more shiny silver color. It looks much better since now we barely see it. German and his crew are putting the finishing touches on the river rocks around the new gate, which was installed at the end of last week. This also looks much better.

Roberto and his crew have finished digging myriad holes around the perimeter of the metal fence and have filled them with black dirt. Today they will start planting pink flowers in all the holes. They are also creating new flower areas around the entrance to the AN•Sonqo land. (Sonqo is heart in Quechua.) These are being edged with small stone walls.

Four garden benches are being made for our land and should be ready next week. And today, one of our favorite carpenters, Aristo will start making two new couch beds for AN•Wasi. Tomorrow we wil buy the foam mattresses for them in Cuzco, as well as fabric for their mattress covers and pillows. I am busy working on the tile design for the center of the Tower of Light of AN, trying to get it done before I have to immerse myself in writing the May Surf Report next week.

All of this is happening in the midst of occasional glitches such as no water for a few days, the electricity going out, the main market in Cuzco was closed for its annual cleaning on the day we planned to go there and a teacher’s strike in the Sacred Valley. But just like water, we continue flowing by finding the pathways which are open to us. And when things get really hard, most of the time, we just laugh!

As soon as the pink flowers are moved from our old fence to their new locations next to the new fence, we will take down seven segments of the old fence and merge all our land. This should happen sometime next week and will bring a noticeable shift in energy.

The Heart of AN feels like a weaving, with all our threads woven together. This is especially true with our new sacred land, which we never could have gotten without the support of so many of you. We are all caretakers of this sacred anchoring point of AN. It is such a Beacon of Love and Trueness ~ an anchoring point of the New Reality which is so deeply needed in these challenging times. It represents the weaving of our One True Being.

Thank you, dear Beloved Family of AN! WE LOVE YOU.

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