So much to do to birth the New at the Heart of AN!

We are in full on action mode here at the Heart of AN to get ready for May’s Special Events. At times, we have had up to thirteen people working on the new land. And there is still much more to do!

The new metal fence is in position. Roberto and his cousin are completing the rock walls underneath the fence. In a day or two, we will start painting the fence green so it won’t be so shiny looking. As soon as that is done, holes for our pink flowers will be dug at one meter intervals alongside the fence.

Pedro has finished planting grass around the future Tower of Light of AN and has now turned his attention to the rest of our land ~ watering flowers and cutting grass.

So much of what we are doing here happens in stages. If one part is delayed, then everything goes slower. German and his crew built the basic structure and roof of the gate to the acequia canal on our new land. On Wednesday, our metalworker will install the new wooden door and metal frame for it. Then on Friday, German will cover the cement pillars with beautiful river rocks.

Hopefully, sometime next week, we will be able to open up the old fence and merge our old and new lands together. Manzana and Cachorro will be super happy about this. And so will we as we know that there will be a huge influx of AN energy when this happens.

The energies for the Activation of the Tower of Light are being strongly felt here. And they feel stronger every day. We have a brilliant group of people coming here next month. We still have one more space available for the Cards of AN Master Class and four more spaces for the Activation. If you feel that you are meant to be a part of this, it’s not too late!

Transformation with the Cards of AN – Master Class
The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN

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