Huge Progress at the Heart of AN!

This past week has been non stop action here. Our new AN•Sonqo land is transforming daily. Areas for flowers were created by Roberto and his crew. The flowers add much needed color and sweetness to the land which continues to become more beautiful with each day. But there is still way too much to do in a very short time.

On Saturday, seven segments of the fence between our lands finally came down. This feels so good. And on Monday, a Caterpillar arrived to move some large rocks into their true positions and remove the eucalyptus stumps that blocked the entrance into the new land. On Wednesday, German and his helpers arrive to repair cracks in the walls and do some much needed maintenance to our buildings.

We still have more flowers to plant, an irrigation canal to dig and much to clean up while we continue to refine the energies in preparation for the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. Hopefully, everything will be ready in time. And of course, there’s the May Surf Report to write….

Both of our Special Events in May have filled up with an amazing, and very strong, group of participants coming from twelve countries, including many magnificent 11:11 people. For the Activation, everything will be translated into Spanish, Russian and French!

We hope to make some new videos of the second part of the Triangulation Mudra, as well as a demonstration of Reprogramming our Responses during the Cards of AN Master Class. And we invite you all to join with us for the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN on May 23. I’m sure that wherever you are, you will feel it.

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