CREATIVE SURGE at the Heart of AN – Part One

During the second half of March, we started experiencing a massive Creative Surge. This was triggered off by the “routine” garden work that was being done in our AN•Chakana area.

As the overgrown plants were cleaned up by Pedro and Elio, the energy visibly transformed. A whole new level of the AN energy of the New Reality suddenly appeared right before our eyes! Everything became more expansive and exquisitely beautiful.

The Chakana area now feels so clean and fresh! We planted lots of new flowers here in the vibrant oranges that were already present. In a few months after they grow a bit, when one descends the stairs into the AN•Chakana area, they will be greeted by a profusion of colorful flowers embracing the entire area!

This so inspired us that we hired German and his crew to do some needed maintenance. They have been working here for the past month. First, they deepened the canal behind KUSI•Wasi and added a rock wall so it won’t flood again. After that practical task was done, the creative surge started to get even stronger. They made two pairs of small river rock bridges in our driveway which is a great improvement from the small boards that we used to have to drive over so we could cross the irrigation canals.

At the same time, Pedro’s son Percy did the annual repair and refinishing of our garden benches ~ totally taking them apart, replacing rotten wood parts, sanding and repainting everything. Now they look new again.

At the end of the month, Emanaku and Pedro took the gentle Chaco back up to Yanamayo to return to his herd. I think that our female alpacas were actually relieved to see him go.

Then as April began, the Creative Surge continued to get stronger….


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