Four New Visitors!

Plastering continues at the Heart of AN. Door and window frames are being placed into position. ♥ We also had four new visitors!

Solara and our guardian Justo show our newest visitors:

Scott, Walter, Julie and Grace, the Beacon of AN.


Emanaku’s newly plastered office is gleaming with light.

His office is long and narrow, but has great views!


The plastering is nearly complete in Solara’s small office too.


The roof of the tower room is wrapped in totora reeds, ready to be plastered.

In this room, we are plastering the beams so it will be super white.


View from the tower room down into my office.

Later, this opening will be filled with glass blocks.


The somewhat scary view of the stair opening from the tower room down to the first floor.


Julie, Walter, Grace, Scott and Solara.


Now Walter takes the photo so Emanaku can join us!


Construction is very messy. Here’s the area behind our house.


A stack of adobes is waiting to be placed into the missing segment of adobe wall.

First, we have to build the foundation with rocks and cement.


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