Our Despacho Ceremony to Pachamama

On the last day of November, we had a beautiful Pago a la Tierra or Despacho Ceremony  giving our thanks to Pachamama and asking  for her continued blessings.  The focus of this ceremony was for the successful construction of our house  at the Heart of AN. It was a humble ceremony, but very heart felt.

Present at the ceremony were Emanaku, Solara, Chalo (Overseer of Construction at the Heart of AN), Carlos, Tuanet and their son Mateo, our new architect Jorge and his wife Nuria, Victor (Maestro de Obras) and several of the actual builders of our house and their small sons. The ceremony was conducted by two of the workers and was clean, pure and full of love.

Our despacho to Pachamama was prepared with great integrity.

Our despacho was prepared with dedication and integrity.

The despacho is ready!

Our beautiful offering to Pachamama is finally ready!

Emanaku and Solara carry it to the entry hall.

Emanaku and Solara carry the offering to a deep hole which has been prepared for it in the entry hall of the house.

The despacho is placed into the hold.

The despacho, folded into white paper, is carefully placed into the bottom of the hole.

Then wine and chicha were poured into the hole, followed by flower petals. Afterwards, Emanaku and Solara filled up the hole. Then beaded sancarpas from Apu Ausangate were given as gifts to everyone present. We completed our ceremony with a small feast.



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