JULY at the Heart of AN: Part One

July was an action-packed month that went by so fast and was so full that it’s already difficult to remember.

We had wonderful visits with people who came to connect with the AN energies and for strong and true readings with the Cards of AN. We made two trips to our favorite village of Chinchero ~ one to align with a ceremony for Pachamama and the other one to visit the Sunday Market.

Fiestas were happening all around us ~ especially the large Virgin del Carmen Fiesta in Pisac and Peru’s Independence Day ~ Fiestas Patrias. In our small village, both Emanaku and Alexander appeared in their very first parade!

There was a strong element of Ho’o Pono Pono in July as things such as necessary repairs came up to be made right. Emanaku has been totally reorganizing his office for a month now and although it’s looking and feeling much better, the process still isn’t complete.

Emanaku also made a trip to Pedro’s village of Yanamayo with the gift of a double bed, mattress and bedding. Near the end of the month, Christine arrived from Australia for a Transformational Retreat. We had a beautiful time together.

During the final days of July, German and his crew came and repaired all the walls of our vegetable garden.

Throughout it all, I even managed to write a Surf Report and Updates, but had very little time to work on my new book which is now 822 pages!

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