May’s Special Ceremonies of EL•AN•RA ~ Two ~ At the Sacred Lake of RA!

May 2nd felt like the perfect day to complete the first round of EL•AN•RA Ceremonies that we began on March 7. Back then, we were unable to reach the third Sacred Lake of Qoricocha ~ which was the lake which corresponds with RA ~ the third star in Orion’s Belt. Back in March, we tried to get there, but the road had been washed out by heavy rains.

This was a spontaneous, rather last minute decision, but it felt right and it was a perfect day. The road up the mountain was dry and in relatively good condition. Emanaku, Margareta, Sonya and I arrived at the lake which is at 4,000 meters at exactly 11:11 am ~ which was such an auspicious sign that was completely unexpected.

As we looked down at the lake from where we had parked the car, I immediately knew that our ceremony was supposed to be held in the place that had been the epicenter of the 4.0 earthquake here last November 11 ~ which was an 11•11•11 RESET day.

This earthquake occurred EXACTLY seven years after our magnificent 11•11•11 RESET Ceremony in Moray. Not only on the EXACT DAY, but at the EXACT TIME TO THE MINUTE of 6:11 am which is 11:11 UTC.

As we stood beside our car and gazed down at the lake, a huge white eagle flew over us, then flew along the lake until it disappeared into the clouds. It was an amazing welcome that filled us with awe! As we made our way down the steep slope to the lake, two large, black and white birds flew over the lake and landed at the exact location where I knew we were meant to hold our ceremony. Another strong confirmation!

This is when the surface of Qoricocha began to sparkle with myriad stars. The lake was so happy that we were there! There was the feeling that it had waited for us to arrive for a very long time. Even the ducks started playing in the water by having races!

Emanaku arrived at the ceremonial spot before us and called out that the ground was wet here and that we would have to find someplace else. But I knew that our ceremony was meant to be there and urged him to go just a bit further, where he found the perfect dry place for us to be.

Our ceremony was very sweet ~ pure and powerful. The love was strongly felt by all of us, including Qoricocha, Pachamama and the Mother of Lakes ~ Cochamama. It felt so real, so sacred, so still and so true.

When our ceremony concluded, we looked at the time ~ it was 1:11! Again, so absolutely perfect!

Afterwards was the long walk up the hill. Then we drove alongside the lake to the lodge on the far side and visited the people in charge of the lodge. They told us that there were two routes downward and that the other road was shorter and in better condition, so we decided to take the alternate route down.

This road turned out to be much, much longer and scarier. It was a one lane, 2 way, dirt road, with numerous hairpin turns that hugged the steep side of the mountain all the way down into the Sacred Valley far below. But the landscape was absolutely spectacular.

We returned to the Heart of AN in the early evening and then gave two Cards of AN readings to Margareta and Sonya who left the following morning after a life changing experience.

It was an amazing, totally blessed day. We are deeply happy to have completed our March Ceremonies and now look forward to the next round in June.

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